• Aurelie Moiroud


During my HNC i have learned to use DAW as Cubase, apply propers effect (reverb, compression, noise gate, delay, EQ, etc) and synchronisation of sound with video to create audio for multimedia.

One of my assessment was a sound replacement on a short film. I had to produce a plan of action to you explain the sounds and music i will need, how and why i plan to get them. As well as a spot sheet to give more specific detail about the type of effects, musics or dialogues i will use ; at which time will use them in the video and how i will get them.

In this page are 2 samples of the works i have done for the course:

- a music

- the video of sound replacement made on the short film (i just put an extract of the unfinished version for the assessment on the graded unit, it will be updated the 27th of May 2016).

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