• Aurelie Moiroud

AUDIO FOR MULTIMEDIA (BSc 2 Audio Engineering)

For this assessment i had to do 30 second of sound replacement on a Short Excerpt of the movie Wall E .

For this i had to create all the sounds and SFX by recording voices, doing Foley and using sound synthesis on a DAW (Logic Pro X). I also had to use the song "Don't Worry Be Happy" of Bobby McFerrin. I cut, applied an EQ to make it sounds like if it were playing from the mechanical fish and timestreched it to synchronize it with the image.

The scene i chose was mainly using Foley technique. Thus i recorded a lot of sounds such as for instance:

  • the bubble wrap: i used real bubble wrap, but the sound was a bit thin.

  • Wall-E wheels: i used the fan in my bathroom. I didn't have anything sounding like a toy car with remote.

  • Wall-E voice: i used a cat toy (a mouse)

  • Eva arms/weapon noise: i used a toaster and a kettle

  • When Wall-E say "no": i used a dog toy

  • A hand mixer: i recreated the sound with a corkscrew

Most of the Foley sounds were modified by applying EQ, phase distortions, reverb.​​

The voice of the 2 robots were recorded thru a dynamic microphone and an audio interface then modified in Logic. For Wall-E i applied an equalizer, a vocal transformer and pitch correction to modify my voice. For Eva voice i applied an equalizer and a vocoder.

I used audio synthesis to create sounds to add for Eva voice and arms movements to make it sounds a bit more "technologic".

For the ambience music i had to compose a short melody with VST on logic.

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