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CREATIVE PROJECT (BSc 2 Audio Engineering)

Updated: Feb 22, 2020


For this project i had to create Sound Design as well as composing music for a 3D platform Video Game: Breaking Wheel. The work was made in collaboration with an other sound designer based in USA. However, on this page i will only present my work.

The game was released on Steam the 3rd of April 2017​​​

The full SFX library, i created during this project, was made with the audio from my recording sound library and audio synthesis. As DAW, i used Ableton Live 9. The sound effects, including the one that were not implemented in game, are listenable below:

During the project i had to build up a Recording Sound Library by using Field Recording technique, Foley, Sound Synthesis and doing Studio recording sessions. The audio devices i used for the different recording techniques were:

  • 1 field recorder: Tascam DR44 WL

  • 2 cardioid microphones: t.bone SC 140

  • 1 super cardioid microphone: t.bone EM 9900

  • 1 audio Interface: M-Track

The Sound Effect Library is available for listening on the following link:

On this playlist, the SFX were created with audio from my recording sound library. The one I create are the 51 first ones, the others were made by my colleague with my recording sound bank.

I also had to learn how to use Unreal Engine, which is a program to create video game, but didn't get the opportunity to do audio implementation. The programmers preferred to do it themselves because of the programming framework.​

This video presents some of my Sound Effects implemented in game:

On the playlist below, you will find all the music I composed for the game. They were made for specific level or for the general playlist of the game.

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