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FOLEY TECHNIQUE & AUDIO SYNTHESIS - Make your own pick up sounds

This week we needed to create our own Pick Up sounds to implement them in the game project Cube. To this purpose, I did first a Foley session at home, in my small kitchen because the acoustics of the room is quite good for Foley sessions.

For recording, I used the following gears:

  • Field Recorder: Tascam DR44-WL (but not the built-in microphones)

  • 2 condenser microphones:

  • T.Bone EM9900 – hyper cardioid shotgun

  • T.Bone SC140 – Supercardioid pencil

During the Foley session, I used different type of materials and objects available in my flat to create the 4 pick up sounds (Health 100, Health 250, Armor and Ammo). After the recording session, I imported each sound in Logic to edit them. I needed to cut and remove the silence and unwanted noise . As well I put short fade in and fade out on each loop to avoid click sounds when I will use them later on. After this process, I was finally ready to start creating each sound effect.

Thus, I imported in a new Logic project all the sounds previously recorded and edited. Also, I added color on every audio samples for each type of sound (metallic, paper, ice, etc). As well, each track used to create the same SFX had the same color. Having a color code helps to get a better vision about what you are doing. Organisation helps to not lose time on your projects.

To make each sound effect, I needed to layer the different sounds. Each Sound Effect was composed of layers grouped in a bus. Layers and bus were processed, to modify the sound and make them glue together. To manipulate the sound, I used different audio effects such as EQ, Dynamic effect, Pitch, etc.

When the SFXs were finished, I exported the audio in .wav format with a good audio quality at 48Khz/24bit. Having audio file with 24-bits gives a safety headroom and the ability to manipulate it with in a DAW while keeping a good audio quality. Next time i will record my audio files at 96Khz and after i finish working on them, i will export the final SFXs at 48Khz; because working at a high sample rate avoid unwanted sound artifacts and gives a better audio quality. Later on, I implemented the SFXs in Wwise.


Here are the final SFXs

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