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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

To create different ambience for your game you usually have to do field recording to record for instance the ambience of a forest, the sea, indoor, etc.

You can record the overall sound of a place as well as record some specific sounds then later add and eventually layer them to recreate an ambience.

Material needed for a field recording session:

  • Field recorder

  • Cardioid microphone

  • canon microphones if you want to record more precisely a specific sound source like a bird, water running

  • stereo mic (if not included in your field recorder) to record the stereo image of the area.

  • Boom pole

  • Music stand or tripod depending on your gears.

Those sound effects will later be implement in the game Cube to create different ambiences.

For this aim I have been with one of my classmate in Tayport Nature Reserve to do a field recording session.

I was able to gather different ambiences such as Forest, Beach/Sea shore as well as River and Sewer atmosphere. Most of the sounds were recorded in stereo and mono. To record the overall ambience, I used the stereo microphone including my field recorder. For specific sounds like the sewer, I mainly used my canon microphones.

To avoid unwanted noises due to manipulation, I placed the field recorder on a tripod and the external microphone on a boom pole. Thick sockets were used and placed over the mic protection foam to reduce wind noises. It works quite well as long as the wind is not strong. At this time I didn’t have a proper windscreen or zeppelin.

Don’t forget to use your headphones to monitor what’s happening around you. A close ear one will help you to hear better the sounds you are recording it will isolate you from your surroundings. Thus you will be able to identify any problems hapening while recording.

Back home, you need to edit your sounds.

For the game, I created 30s seconds ambience loops to make it sounds less repetitive.

Next stage will be the implementation of the Ambience audio files within Wwise for the Cube project.

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