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KEEP GOING ! Honours Project - Second Semester

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

So, what happened since October?

The Historical VR experience prototype is taking shape! My teammates added a forest and mountains in the first part, they also added more details inside the halls. In a near future they will add a tutorial level at the start of the experience to let people learn how to navigate in it and use VR for those who never tried it before. And now a crow is guiding the player along the way.

In December, I finally bought binaural microphones from a small microphone manufacturer Luhd.


During the first week of January, I did a Foley session with one of my classmate. We did record vegetables and fruits (melons, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, orange and carrots) that we squeezed, twisted, chopped, tossed, stabbed and cut to create breaking bones sounds, chopping, stabbing people sounds.

Those recording will be used to do all the blood, bones and human intern organs related sounds in the VR experience

After the Foley session, I was off for 2 weeks in January, I took the opportunity to test my binaural microphones when I was in Seoul. I recorded ambiences in the city, with the Luhd and my old field recorder the Zoom H2. I was definitely surprised in a good way from the microphone as the sound is very clear and immersive. Depending the headphones you wear, the sound is definitely binaural. Here are the sounds:


As the result seemed definitely satisfying and the noise level so low, I went during the last week of February in Tayport, to record the ambiences for the first and last level of the VR experience. The weather was good and there were a breeze which allowed me to records sounds in the forest and on the sea shore. Thus now, I really look forward to see if these recordings in the nature will sound more immersive in game than a stereo recording.

Since November, I am in contact with 2 poets Marie-Elisabeth Rollins and Daniel to write the end credit song, they will write the text in english in a Skaldic style. I sent them the material and text that would help them to learn to write skaldic poetry with he first prototype of the game. Middle of February, we had a meeting to talk about the mood of the song, and also which bpm, instrument i will use and the music genre.

The main inspiration for the credit song is Helvegen sang by Wardruna and Aurora because it is a song that could be classified as ''Viking'', the text is speaking about someone wondering who will sing for him when he will go to Valhalla (as this tradition disappeared with Christianity ). The power of this song, the instrumentation, the story and the emotion conveyed by Helvegen are very similar to what i wanted to express in our credit song. Therefore the music for the game should be in a similar vibe but a bit more cheerful.

Daniel will sing. So this week I have to write at least the melody and send it to them then they will start to write the text and while they are doing it I will finish writing the music. Then we will have a last meeting to see if everything fits together. At the end we will have a recording session to records Daniel singing.

Third week of February, we had to prepare the presentation of our game to the V&A museum staff. Then I had to do the sound effect for the crow and doors as well as some ambiences in stereo for the 2 levels. I implemented them in game.

Friday the 21st we recorded again all the dialogue as some of the script changed. The recording session took place in my flat as the recording studio is unavailable and the new one at university was not suited to record voices at the time we needed it. Thus, Niklas (our voice over) nicely accepted to come for a recording session with Eleonora and I. It took us 2h30 to do it. The editing was done just the week after.

The week-end of 22nd to 24th of February we went with 2 of my teammates (Sara and Eleonora) to Jorvik festival who nicely provided us press passes to records, take photos and ask questions to help us for our project.

I was able to record the March to Coppergate and the battle as well as the strong men competition and the viking encampment. Some of the vikings fighter were really kind and accepted to do some warrior cry for our project that I could record. At the encampment and Market i met met musicians who were OK to give me expert feedbacks on the music i composed for the VR experience. One of the musician I met, answered us positively for a collaboration on the music of the project. He is interested by it and agreed to play some of the line with real instruments as well as rewriting some of them where needed.

This is definitely a great help for the audio of the VR experience!


First week of march I was able to finish editing all the recordings of Jorvik Festival. Therefore this week I am starting to do the sound effects that accompany the dialogues and the first draft of the end credit song.

Then, what is next for this semester?

  • finish the sound effects

  • finish and send email to composer for games and sound designer and prepare the interviews

  • write the dissertation

  • make the music for the end credit

  • mix all the music tracks

  • finish to implement audio and mix it

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