MAISON DE LA CREATION // Brussels, BE - Nov 2023

For "Le jeu des illusions", an interactive video mapping on the Maison de la Création in Brussels, I worked with the creative studio Theoriz and was in charge of the sound design:

- sound effects for animations and interactive parts of the mapping

- choosing music that fits the narrative and animations

- audio editing, mix and mastering

- music composition of the intro and outro 

This immersive experienced was playing every evening from the 23rd of November to the 31st of December 2023, at Place Emile Bockstael in Brussels.


2015 - Now

During the past years, I worked as a music composer on various video games projects and prototypes. Recently I also started to compose music for interactive art installations. 

The music styles range from orchestral, Folk to electronic music (Ambient, Downtempo) with various influences from East Asia, Middle East and Europe.

I did use different composition techniques such as:



Melodic Techno  / Organic House

DJ and Producer

2015 to now


2002 - Now

I am a DJ / Producer since 2002. I started as DJ Lilly and played in France, Europe and Mauritius in nightclubs, festivals and events. I changed name in 20215 for AUJA, and am focusing more on the music and production side with this project. 

All these years as a DJ gave me a deep understanding of nightclub and electronic music industries. I love entertaining and interacting with the crowd. It is always nice to see the public going back home with a smile on their face :)