Dj Lilly


Dj / Composer

2002 - 2015

From 2002 to 2015 I pursued my career in France and abroad: Denmark, Spain, Mauritius, Sweden, Switzerland... My DJ sets were a mix of eclectic musical influences (house, breakbeat, techno, minimal, rock) that allowed me to play dynamic and varied sets.

DJ and composer, I remixed 2 tracks of Risqué for the label Substream and makes the "vocal" of the title Freedom on Play Digital.

In 2010, I joined the label Lite Licht for new adventures! I began in September 2012 a new residence at Livestation DIY in Lyon. As of September 2014, I organized there the monthly Scandinavian party: "Skål!"

I put "Dj Lilly" on hold to focus on my new music project Auja